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traceString Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
AddTraceStringThe context class for the State Design Pattern
CstmtThe Cstmt State: inside a routine
CxxScannerThis wraps the scanner that flex produces
FdeclIn the Argument list for a function
FileHdrSearches directories to find source files
IdentThe Ident State: Just found an ID
IOSingle point control for generated file output, renaming, etc
NeutralThe Neutral State: Outside of a routine
RplPatternReads in the pattern file and applies the traceString when replace is called
SingletonDestroyer< DOOMED >A templated singleton class destroyer
StateThe State base class: State Design Pattern
StaticVarInside a Static Variable declaration
TracerA class to help trace program execution
Tracer::TracerHelperTracer Clean up class

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