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StaticVar Class Reference

Inside a Static Variable declaration. More...

#include <state.h>

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Public Member Functions

 ~StaticVar ()
 Do nothing Dtor.
State_t execute (AddTraceString &ats, CxxScanner &scanner, Token *t)
 See Class description.

Static Public Member Functions

static StateInstance ()
 Return the singleton, uses lazy evaluation.

Protected Member Functions

 StaticVar ()
 Set the name for this class.

Static Private Attributes

static Statemsp_instance = 0
 Singleton data pointer.

Detailed Description

Inside a Static Variable declaration.

We look at each token waiting for the semicolon so we can go back to the neutral state.
This class is a singleton. In this way we only construct one StaticVar object, no matter how many times we switch to the StaticVar state.

There is almost no data assocated with this class, the state context class (in this case AddTraceString) has the data.

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