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SingletonDestroyer< DOOMED > Class Template Reference

A templated singleton class destroyer. More...

#include <doomed.h>

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Public Member Functions

 SingletonDestroyer (DOOMED *=0)
 Ctor to save the singleton pointer.
 ~SingletonDestroyer ()
 Cleanup of singleton pointer.
void setDoomed (DOOMED *)
 Set the pointer to the singleton.
DOOMED * getDoomed ()
 return the pointer to the singleton.

Private Member Functions

 SingletonDestroyer (const SingletonDestroyer &)
 Users can not copy one.
SingletonDestroyeroperator= (const SingletonDestroyer &)
 Users can not assign one.

Private Attributes

DOOMED * mp_doomed
 the pointer to the singleton.

Detailed Description

template<class DOOMED>
class SingletonDestroyer< DOOMED >

A templated singleton class destroyer.

This class is used by singleton to destroy the static data that holds the singleton. This is from Pattern Hatching p 66.

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