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Token Class Reference

#include <cxxScanner.h>

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Public Member Functions

 Token (TOKEN_t a=ENDFILE, const char *b=0, int len=0, int lineIn=-1, int colIn=-1)
 Construct a token from the type, char string and length.
 Token (const Token &t)
 ~Token ()
 A do nothing dtor.
void assign (TOKEN_t a, const char *b, int len, int lineIn, int colIn)
TOKEN_t tokenType () const
 Token Type.
const char * text () const
int textLen () const
 Its length.
int lineNo () const
 Line number where token was found (1 based).
int column () const
 Column where token was found (1 based).

Static Public Member Functions

static void setObstack (Obstack *s)
 Save away current obstack.
static void resetObstack ()
 Clear obstack.

Protected Attributes

TOKEN_t m_tokenType
 Token Type.
int m_len
 Its length.
int m_line
 Line number.
int m_column
const char * mp_text
 The token text.

Static Protected Attributes

static Obstack * msp_obstack

Detailed Description

A class to hold the token.

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