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Options Class Reference

#include <options.h>

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Public Member Functions

 ~Options ()
 Frees all the character strings.
int filter ()
 If true, Act as a pipe.
int flush ()
 If true, Flush on every write.
int indent ()
 If true, match user indentation.
int noOp ()
 If true, do nothing (not implemented).
int printStates ()
 If true, print state changes to output.
int remove ()
 If true, remove all traceStrings.
int rtest ()
 If true, regression testing.
int verbose ()
 If true, print file operations.
int warnings ()
 If true, print warnings (Duh!).
int writeNames ()
 If true, only write names to stderr.
const char * patternFn ()
 pattern file name
const char * activeFn ()
 active routine list file name
const char * inactiveFn ()
 inactive routine list file name
const char * execDirName ()
 exec dir name
const char * defaultPatName ()
 name of default pattern
const char * tsMarker ()
 Trace String default marker.
int iarg ()
 Current arg count. used to parse the file/dir arguements in main().
const char * operator[] (int i)
 index operator to get at GetPot argument list.
int size ()
 Total number of arguments.
void printHelp (const char *application)
 Prints help and quits.

Static Public Member Functions

static Optionsinstance ()
 Returns the pointer as a Reference. build must be called first.
static void build (int argc, char *argv[], const char *fn=".traceString")
 Used getpot.h to parse the argument list.

Private Member Functions

void setPatternFn (const char *fn)
 save away the pattern file.
 Options (int c, char *v[], const char *f)
 Users can not construct one.
 Options (const Options &)
 Users can not copy one.
Optionsoperator= (const Options &)
 Users can not assign one.

Private Attributes

unsigned int m_iarg
 arg counter after options
int m_rtest
 Rtest flag.
int m_verbose
 Verbosity flag.
int m_printStates
 Print change of state flag.
int m_filter
 Use as a pipe flag.
int m_writeNames
 Only write names flag.
int m_noOp
 No op flag.
int m_flush
 Flush after every call to fputs.
int m_indent
 Match user indentation.
int m_remove
 Remove all traceString code.
int m_warnings
 Print Warnings.
char * mp_patternFn
 Pattern file name.
char * mp_execDirName
 Exec directory.
char * mp_activeFn
 Active file name.
char * mp_inactiveFn
 Inactive file name.
char * mp_default
 Default trace String name.
char * mp_tsMarker
 Default trace String marker.
GetPot * mp_cl
 command line arguments

Static Private Attributes

static Optionsmsp_options = 0
 Singleton pointer.
static SingletonDestroyer<
 Singleton destroyer.

Detailed Description

The idea for this class is to hold all the user options in one place. It is a singleton (with a singleton destroyer: SingletonDestroyer<DOOMED>). The public interface has just get functions.

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