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Token Member List

This is the complete list of members for Token, including all inherited members.

assign(TOKEN_t a, const char *b, int len, int lineIn, int colIn) (defined in Token)Token
column() const Token [inline]
lineNo() const Token [inline]
m_columnToken [protected]
m_lenToken [protected]
m_lineToken [protected]
m_tokenTypeToken [protected]
mp_textToken [protected]
msp_obstack (defined in Token)Token [protected, static]
resetObstack()Token [static]
setObstack(Obstack *s)Token [inline, static]
text() const (defined in Token)Token [inline]
textLen() const Token [inline]
Token(TOKEN_t a=ENDFILE, const char *b=0, int len=0, int lineIn=-1, int colIn=-1)Token
Token(const Token &t) (defined in Token)Token
tokenType() const Token [inline]

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